A Star is Born



A Star is Born

8.11.19 UPDATE:  We have 10 of 10 kids funded thanks to our generous donors! Combined with the help of sponsors earlier in the season, a total of 20 kids got access to the joy of performing arts camp. Thank you to everyone who participated!

See levels and list of donors below.

We are raising money to send 10 kids of families in need to camp.  Friends of the BHP, Ray and Mary Burnett have offered a match challenge to help us get to the finish line. Each dollar donated now will be matched up to $2500.

It takes training and years of practice to achieve the skills necessary to be successful as a performing artist. In real life, stars are born when they have opportunities for growth, support, and access to training on their arts journey.

Can you help fill the need? Every. Dollar. Counts.

Donations may also be mailed to BHP A Star is Born, PO Box 2513, Rapid City, SD 57709.

Barbara Streisand Level - $25+

from the 1976 Version

This level is for those willing to give up the pomegranate and lime ice tea for a few days to help out BHP Jr. Campers. Your $25 will trigger a $50 donation, and that just ain’t stardust.

Lady Gaga Level - $15+

from the 2018 version

This level is in honor of Lady Gaga whose unique voice has inspired legions to be uniquely themselves. Help a child get to express themselves in healthy ways through performing arts. Your $15 will add up to a $30 donation and, with others, it will change lives.

Shallow Level - $14 or less

from the popular song by Lady Gaga

Like the artist in A Star Is Born, you have a deep heart, but shallow pockets. Donate whatever you can afford and it WILL make a difference. $5 becomes $10 and $10 becomes $20, you get it. There is power in numbers and every dollar is meaningful.

Janet Gaynor Level - $100+

from the 1937 version

The level for those who appreciate vintage Hollywood and are willing to give a hand up to young artists in need. Your generous donation is a keen way for us to make the match!

Judy Garland Level - $50

from the 1954 version

The level for people who are persistent and have a heart. Like Judy, you have weathered ups and downs. Now give back to a kiddo who wants a chance at the stage. Your $50+ donation doubled through the match would be swell!

List of Donors

Janet Gaynor Level - $100+

Stan Adelstein, Rapid City, SD

Todd & Julie Brink, Rapid City, SD

Cathy Carpenter, Rapid City, SD

DeMersseman Jensen Tellinghuisen & Huffman, LLP, Rapid City, SD

LaDawn Dykhouse, Sioux Falls, SD

RCS Construction, Rapid City, SD

Gene & Linda Fennell, Custer, SD

Dick & Lia Green, Rapid City, SD

Eric Johnson Memorial Fund

Karen & Jerome Kern, Pierre/Sioux Falls, SD

KTM Design, Rapid City, SD

Deb Kuehn, Rapid City, SD

Kristal McKie, Rapid City, SD

Colleen & Drake Olson, Kansas City, MO

Eileen Rossow, Rapid City, SD

Allison & Troy Schmidt, Wooster, OH

Scull Construction, Rapid City, SD

Perry & Gretchen Strombeck, Rapid City, SD

Ann Thompson, Affordable Adventures, Rapid City, SD

Shirley Tisdale, Nome, AK

Kenneth Tonsager, Hot Springs, SD

Terry Whiting, Rapid City, SD

Judy Garland Level - $50+

Brad and Linda Anderson, Rapid City, SD

Brenda and Randy Marks, Sioux Falls, SD

C.C. Clawson, St. Paul, MN

Judy Frost, Rapid City, SD

Wade & Wendy Lampert, Rapid City, SD

David L'Esperance, Rapid City, SD

Bryan & Marylou Torrey, Rapid City, SD

John Ryan, Saint Louis, MO

Barbara Streisand Level - $25+

Emilie Baartman, Sioux Falls, SD

Jennie May Donnell & Menno Krai, Cave Junction, OR

Richard Lolley, Rapid City, SD

Kathy Voecks, Manhatten, KS

Lady Gaga Level - $15+

Jenn Greenwaldt, Rapid City, SD

Darren Levin, Murfreesborough, TN

Heather Pickering, Rapid City, SD

Shallow Level - $14 or less

Nancy Meyer, Rapid City, SD

Matt & Jo Nesmith, Vermillion, SD

Diana Olson, Custer, SD

Cheryl Ulmer, Rapid City, SD