A Bewitching Halloween

The Black Hills Playhouse, in conjunction with DakotAbilities, presents "A Bewitching Halloween!" 

WHEN: Thursday, October 31st, 1:00 p.m.

WHERE: Longfellow Center 1116 S 4th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105​

CONTACT #: 605.255.4910 Ext. 3

Charlie Bob Meets the Ghosts of Longfellow

Charlie Bob Meets the Ghosts of Longfellow takes the audience on a journey with Charlie Bob and Rosemary, two adventurous cabbage patch dolls, as they explore the halls of the Longfellow Center in search of ghosts. They just might find more than they bargained for and make some new friends along the way if they can escape the dark presence that keeps following them!


  • Charlie Bob - Derick Davis

  • Rosemary - Susan Smith

  • Narrator - Kevin Earlywine

  • Foley Artists - Megan Weidner and Haley Frey

  • Headless Rocking Horse - Laurie Halfred  

  • Ghost 1 - Ashley Erdman

  • Ghost 2 - Zach Souvignier

  • Ghost 3 - Matthew Harris

  • Ghost 4 - Emily

  • Ghost 5 - Carl Davis

  • Ghost Dancers - Marie Ndayishimiye, Letitia Smith, Jefferson Harris, Larry Heesch, Debby Goldbeck, Sam Flute

Romeo & Juliet

This shortened version of Romeo & Juliet combines Shakespeare's classic language with contemporary storytelling. This adaption of the star-crossed lovers asks the question: Can you always believe what you read on social media? 


  • Principal of Verona High School - Derick Davis

  • Lady Capulet - Debby Goldbeck

  • Juliet - Haley Frey

  • Paris - Carl Davis

  • Tybalt - Marie Ndayishimiye

  • Nurse - Letitia Smith

  • Montague - Larry Heesch

  • Friar Lawrence - Shelby Roberts

  • Romeo - Sam Flute

  • Benvolio - Jefferson Harris

  • Mercutio - Susan Smith

  • Narrator - Megan Weidner

  • Dancers - Zach Souvignier, Matthew Harris, Emily, Ashley Erdman, Laurie Halfred

Shelby Roberts

Shelby Roberts is a playwright and novelist. She is no stranger to the stage though and has performed in many plays, most recently she was in The Great American Talent Show. Shelby is known for her sense of humor and it comes to the forefront in her new play, Charlie Bob Meets the Ghosts of Longfellow.


  • Vocal Support Artists: Isaac Otterman, Linda Earlywine, Jerry Kern, Caleb Olson, Ashlee Reck, Alex Newcomb-Weiland, Deb Workman, Louis Mehlhaff

  • DakotAbilities Support Staff: Kelly Breen, Jen Krueger

  • Teaching Artists: Caleb Olson, Louis Mehlhaff

  • Director & Program Coordinator: Kevin Earlywine

  • Production Coordinator: Megan Weidner

  • Choreographer: Deb Workman

  • Special Thanks: Linda Earlywine, University of Sioux Falls Culture for Service Day

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