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Thank you for your generous support! With the help of 100+ donors, we managed to raise over $16,000 during the South Dakota Day of Giving!

Donations are still being accepted through the link below



Help The Black Hills Playhouse Raise $10,000 to Improve Its Theater Home


IN-PERSON from 10 am - 5:30 pm 

BHP Offices in Racing Magpie

406 5th Street, Rapid City


OVER THE PHONE at 605 255-4910


BY MAIL: BHP, PO Box 2513, Rapid City, SD 57709


What this campaign funds

2020 is the 75th Season of the Black Hills Playhouse and we are working to raise $10,000 through the SD Day of Giving to improve our theatre home.


The heart of any theater is the stage and the Playhouse floor needs some serious attention so it stays safe. The stage floor at the Playhouse is continually re-painted, re-configured and re-cycled for each production and takes a beating!  Acoustic treatment is needed to buffer sound produced by the air conditioning units. Sidewalks around the theater will be reconstructed to improve access for people with disabilities, as well as eliminate existing trip hazards and divert water away from the theater which sometimes causes flooding in our backstage area. 

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Can you help? Gifts up to $5000 will be matched through the BHP Alumni Association Endowment established by Byron Lee to double the impact of your donation!  This year we honor and remember the Byron & Milt Lee (Milt recently passed away), the sons of our Doc Lee, our founder. 


Tim “The Toolman” Taylor had his share of missteps, but we don’t want any on the Playhouse stage or on our sidewalks. Give our actors, techies, and audiences the gift of safety. MOORE POOOOWWWER! Ar ar ar! Your $100 turns to $200 with the match. 


Jill was the foundation of the Taylor family. The stage is the foundation of the theater and the stage floor needs a rebuild. Let’s give it some Jill Taylor level love and with a $50 match, you donate $100! 


Al was the guy who got stuff built. For our acoustic treatment project, we will work to mitigate the sound of the air conditioning units in the house. Let’s do some house sound improvement. Donate $25 that magically becomes $50!


A.K.A. Jonathan Taylor Thomas level, yes, there were three boys, but Randy is the only one we remember. Be memorable. Every donation counts. Your $15 will be matched and help us buffer the sound in the theater with acoustic treatment. 


Hi De Ho neighbor! Perhaps you are not comfortable revealing your gift or your face to the Playhouse world. We will be glad to accept your anonymous donation and add it to the match! 

List of Donors


Linda & Brad Anderson< Rapid City, SD

Rus and Lana Arnold - Springfield GA

Margaret & Scott Bader - Rapid City, SD

Todd & Julie Brink - Rapid City, SD

Lisa & David Brown - Custer, SD

     - In honor of Gordy Pratt

Corey & Karen Brown - Sioux Falls, SD

Carol Canavan - North Canton, OH

     - In honor of Dick Wilcox

Darla Drew Lerdal, Rapid City, SD

Paul Dykstra - Chicago, IL

LouAnn Eppard - Rapid City, SD

Bob Fitch - Hudson, SD

Carol & Tom Geu - Vermillion, SD

Rick & Susan Giesel - Rapid City, SD

Marnie & Mike Gould - Rapid City, SD

Lia & Dick Green - Rapid City, SD

Eric & Pris Hagen - Minneapolis, MN

Ruth & Paul Heath - Coralville, IA

     - In honor of Mary Sewright

Jim & Katie Hood - Spearfish, SD

Scot & Mary Hoscheid - Custer, SD

Dave & Mary Jones - Martin, SD

Monni Karim - Custer, SD

Jeff Kingsbury - Olympia, WA

     - In memory of Dave Lampert

     - In memory of Byron Lee

     - In memory of Milt Lee

     - In memory of Ron Moyer

     - In memory of Graham Thatcher

Lori & Brett Koenecke - Pierre, SD

Deb Kuehn - Rapid City, SD

Diane & Ted Kylander - Billings, MT

David L'Esperance - Rapid City, SD

Judy & Chuck Lewis - Sturgis, SD

Paula Lucero - Los Angeles, CA

Gary & Beth Merkel - Hot Springs, SD

Charolyn Mize - Spearfish, SD

Drake & Colleen Olson - Kansas City, MO

James Reents - Santa Fe, NM

     - In memory of Phyllis Pavelka

Sybil & Chuck Rounds - Rapid City, SD

Bill Russell - New York, NY

Larry Schou - Vermillion, SD

     - In memory of Byron Lee

Judson Seaman - Rapid City, SD

Sharla & Kerry Steever - Deadwood, SD

Nancy Stephenson - Rapid City, SD

Ann & Lin Thompson - Rapid City, SD

     - In memory of Dorothy Delicate

Audrey Ticknor - Vermillion, SD

Kenneth Tonsager - Hot Springs, SD

David & Jennifer Utter - Piedmont, SD

Connie White - Spearfish, SD

Jim White - Rapid City, SD

Stephen Wilson - Roseville, MN


Judy Aldrich - Tempe, AZ

Juli Ames-Curtis - Custer, SD

Leonard Anderson - Hayward, WI

Mark Cater - Smithville, MO

Lana Fischer - Spearfish, SD

     - In memory of Eunice Cory

Michael Freese - Rapid City, SD

William Harnagel - Arlington, TX

Erin Hufford - Pierre, SD

     - In memory of Jean Keeler

Debra Johnston - Hot Springs, SD

Menno & Jennie May (Donnell) Kraai - Olympia, WA

Weston Olson - Sioux Falls, SD

Holly Knox-Perli - Rapid City, SD

Jim Preston - Hermosa, SD

Onita Stout - Rapid City, SD

Kathy Voecks - Manhattan, KS

Dan & Deb Workman - Sioux Falls, SD



Margaret & Scott Bader - Rapid City, SD

Gene & Nancy Bilodeau - Rapid City, SD

Caroline & Pete Clarke - League City, TX

     - In honor of all of the up & coming student actors

Kent Hyde - Rapid City, SD

Regina & Dale Jahr - Anthem, AZ

Zahra Pfeifer - Omaha, NE

     - In memory of Mansour Karim

John and Tami Schaub - Rapid City, SD

Mary Schnell - Black Hawk, SD

     - In memory of Milt Lee

Pamela Teaney Thomas - Black Hawk, SD

Nancy Zuercher - Vermillion, SD


Darren Ducheneaux - Rapid City, SD

Kristal Georgopoulos - Jackson, MI

Debbie Minter - Rapid City, SD

Alyssa Record - Rapid City, SD

     - In memory of Craig Vollmar