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Help The Black Hills Playhouse Raise $65,000 to Install HVAC to dressing rooms, rehearsal hall, and dining hall


IN-PERSON from 10 am - 4:30 pm 

BHP Offices at South Park UCC

2201 3rd St., Rapid City


OVER THE PHONE at 605 255-4910


BY MAIL: BHP, PO Box 2513, Rapid City, SD 57709


What this campaign funds

We’re sometimes too hot, and sometimes too cold.  We want to be JUST RIGHT!

We are raising funds to add HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) this spring to our dressing rooms, rehearsal hall, and dining hall!  


Two incredible donors will match donations up to $32,500! Every dollar donated for this campaign will be DOUBLED and help us raise $65,000! 


Suggested Donation levels:


Any Bowl Will Do Level -  You Choose!

Porridge Level - 50+

Baby Buffalo Level - 100+

Mama Buffalo Level - 250+

Papa Buffalo Level - 500+

Goldilocks Level - 1000+

The Whole Family 

PLUS The Porridge Level - 5000+


SD Gives 2022.png

Can you help us take advantage of this incredible opportunity?  Please consider a donation on 11/29/2022 and help us get things JUST RIGHT on the BHP Campus next summer!

A Huge Round of Applause For Our Donors

Any Bowl Will Do Level -  You Choose!
Darla Crown

Jeff Little

Ryan Puffer

William Quan

Bonnie Miller

Patricia Sutliff

Whitnee Thorp

Porridge Level - 50+

Scott & Margaret Bader

Erinn Coe

Lynn Crosby

Rai Genna

Jerry & Fei Kern

Tammy Makram

Richard Maxwell

Michelle Martinson

Kim Nearhood

Sue Ripple

Steve Struble

Onita Stout

Joe Williams

Baby Buffalo Level - 100+

Keith Anderson

Linda & Brad Anderson

Lana Arnold

Tim & Frances Becker in memory of Dr. Ray Burnett

Stewart Bofenkamp

Debra Bollinger

Amber Cook & Chris Haug

Deanna Emery

Kay Foland

Tom & Carol Geu

Rick Giesel

Erin Hufford

Healther Hyde
Rose Ann Hofland

Ron Jeffries
Dr. Bruce & Carol Kelley

Jeff Kingsbury

Holly Knox

Phil Lampert & Sue Knutson

John & Julie Mairose
Mark & Mer Meersman

Charolyn & Phil Mize
Carrie Moore

Carissa & Matt Naasz
Jaime Norton

Sybil & Chuck Rounds

Cheryl & Bill Schreier

Victor Shonk
Sara Southwood 

Sharla & Kerry Steever

Patricia Steinhauer

Nancy Stephenson

Ann D. & John Thompson

Audrey Ticknor
Mandie Weinandt

Mama Buffalo Level - 250+
Darla & Don Lerdal

Ken & Jill Meirose

Dean Mogle

Dan & Deb Workman

Papa Buffalo Level - 500+
John Barlow

Corey & Karen Brown

LaVaughn Busse

Heather Haug

Goldilocks Level - 1000+
Erin & Pat Goetzinger
Eric & Pris Hagen
Don & Rebecca Massa

Gary Richardson

The Whole Family 

PLUS The Porridge Level - 5000+
FAIRY GODMOTHER # 1, Rapid City- $20,000
FAIRY GODMOTHER #2,  Rapid City -  $12,500

Todd & Julie Brink

Eileen Rossow

Whoot!  Whoot!  You Did It! Thanks for GIVING BACK on the SD Day of Giving to help us get it JUST RIGHT next summer! 
We are grateful for YOU.

68 Generous Donors

$32,651 towards $32,500 Match Opportunity

$0 left to match to make the $65,000 Goal


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