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  • Are you a creative person with a passion for making art come to life?

  • Do you love theatre, but experience stage fright?

  • Are you looking for ways to tell fantastical stories without performing onstage?

  • Did you know that there’s an entire world of behind-the-scenes magic that happens offstage to make the world of a show come to life?

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Last year, we pioneered the Stagehand Camper option. Thanks to great feedback from participants, we’re offering this track again in 2023! We’re looking for a few Stagehand Campers who want to experience the “world behind the curtain.” These Stagehand Campers won’t be onstage, but they get an inside look at what it takes to be a stage manager, and how to make a show come to life! They’ll have the opportunity to use sound equipment, make props, learn basic costuming skills, manage elements of the show, and shadow the Production Team to learn more about the artistic process. If this sounds like your brand of fun, choose the “Stagehand” option in the registration form.

Apply for a Stagehand spot in camp today! Pick your preferred focus (descriptions below) in the camper registration form, then tell us why you’re interested, what experience you have, and what you’re hoping to learn. Prior experience is not required, we just want to see where your are at in your journey!

Please note: Stagehand Campers will not be cast as characters in the show, but will have equally fun and important roles in making the show come to life throughout the week! These campers will also enjoy all the same general summer camp activities as the Performer Campers like hiking, campfires, games, etc.


Pick your preferred Stagehand focus from the list below:

Director’s Stagehand

  • Shadow the Director during rehearsals and various production meetings

  • Learn insight about a director’s choices and how to tell a strong story

  • Act as stage manager during rehearsals by taking notes and recording blocking

Choreographer’s Stagehand

  • Shadow the Choreographer during movement rehearsals and various production meetings

  • Learn insight about movement choices, how to tell a strong story, and healthy physical habits for performers

  • Act as stage manager during movement rehearsals by taking notes and recording choreography


Costumes/Props Stagehand

  • Shadow the Technical Coordinator in costume alterations, props artisanry, and set dressing 

  • Learn about technical theatre designs and processes

  • Learn basic sewing and crafting skills to construct elements of the show for the final performance

General Technician Stagehand

  • Work with Director’s Stagehand and Choreographer’s Stagehand to act as stage manager and sound engineer during performances

  • Solely run sound for at least 1 scene of the final performance

  • When not in rehearsal, work with Designer and Costumes/Props Stagehand to construct elements of costumes, props, and set dressing for the final performance

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Stagehand Descriptions
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BHP JR. Camp
See You Next Year!
5th - 8th Grades: July 7-13, 2024
8th - 12th Grades: July 14-20, 2024
*8th graders can come to either!

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