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We're excited you're here!

Welcome! The Black Hills Playhouse is so happy to have you join Zoom-Away Camp. We hope you're ready for this theatre adventure, a journey of discovery, creativity, ingenuity, and resilience for you and your student(s)! The goal of this project is to engage project-based learning so that educators from varied backgrounds can introduce their students to the creativity and joy of theatre. The Fine Arts teach valuable life skills that extend beyond the stage, and we appreciate your dedication to Arts eduaction for youth!


Each theme includes activies for Acting, Movement, Technical Theatre, and general summer camp shenanigans. Students have the opportunity to explore theatre from many different angles using materials from their surroundins and items that they receive in an individual supply kit, or Surprise Purple Package.

For this sampling, you will be able to review the first session. All four sessions have the same educational structure based on different central themes. It would be our suggestion to complete one session and its activities over the course of a week. The lessons include: one (1) announcement video, and three (3) activity videos designed to address different elements of theatre. We've also included some camp shinanigans and Flat Lenny challenges along the way!

Know that there is no right or wrong way to use these materials.  We trust that teachers will adapt the materials to meet the needs of their classrooms in ways they think best for their students. We hope you enjoy this Theatre Adventure and we would appreciate your input about what works, what doesn't, or any suggestions you might have!


Please feel free to contact Deb or Kat with questions at or (605) 255-4910 xt. 2. Thank you for all you do as educators for our children and for bringing us to your community. We hope you have fun with Zoom-Away Camp!

Deb Workman

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Kat Preston

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Camp Introduction & The Story of Flat Lenny

Camper montage video!

THEME 1 - Circus Circus

Theme 1 Annoucements

Circus Circus theme song

Video 1.1 - Acting Challenge: Clowning Around


  • foam clown nose

Additional materials:

  • a fun hat 

  • "clown" costume


You will create your own clown skit! You can write out a script for someone else to read while you act, or you can record your own voiceover. 

Video 1.2 - Movement Challenge: Juggling

Additional materials needed:

  • soft items to juggle

Let's learn to juggle! Practice makes perfect, so try to practice every day over summer break!

Video 1.3(a) - Tech Challenge: Clown Makeup


  • MODIFY: clown face template (PDF here)

Additional materials:

Design a clown face! You can color the face template in your purple package, paint your own face, or paint a friend's face!

Video 1.3(b) - Tech Challenge: Origami Box Nose


  • origami paper square

Additional materials:

This one is a bit tricky, so don't get discouraged! just have fun, and if your origami clown nose doesn't turn out how you want it, then you always have your back-up foam nose!

Video 1.4 - CC: Friendship Bracelets


  • pre-tied embroidery floss for bracelet

Additional materials:

  • tape and a flat surface

Follow along as Emma teaches how to make a flower friendship bracelet. You can follow this instruction video OR find your own pattern to make.

Video 1.5 - Lenny Challenge: A Hobby with Lenny


  • Lenny

  • Lenny jester costume

Additional materials:

  • markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

  • a buddy and a task

You get quite a bit of freedom with this activity. It's fun to watch, but you don't have to partner up. Just complete a task with Lenny! It can be drawing, reading, folding a paper airplane, playing a piano, acting out a skit, pretty much any hobby you enjoy!

Video 1.6 - Lenny Challenge: Yoga


Additional materials:

  • comfy clothes to move in

Stretch it out! You can follow along with Flat Lenny and Tate to learn some powerful yoga moves!

Circus Circus

THEME 2 - ??

Theme - ??

THEME 3 - ???

Theme - ???

THEME 4 - ???

Theme - ????
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