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Ticket Donations


Ticket Donations

Donation Policy

The Black Hills Playhouse receives many ticket requests from charitable organizations and donates thousands of dollars worth of tickets to worthy causes each year. It is our pleasure to grant those requests to support our local non-profits and their fundraising efforts. However, our ability to grant tickets is limited and subject to an organization’s ability to qualify under our guidelines.


  • All granted tickets must be used during the season for which the tickets are designated. Tickets will not be refunded and cannot be used for another season.

  • Our standard donation is a 2 or 4 ticket pass to be used any way the recipient wishes. The recipients receive a code to access tickets and can use one or four tickets for any show of their choosing.

  • We usually receive more requests than we can fill. Depending on the time of year your organization requests tickets, we may or may not be able to donate tickets.

  • Your organization must be a federally licensed 501(c) 3 non-profit or an education institution

  • The BHP tickets must be used for a raffle, auction, or other fundraising function. Exceptions can be made but our policy is not to donate to political or sports organizations, private party or holiday party favors, or fundraisers to benefit an individual or family unless that person is a BHP Alumni.

  • We have established a blackout period for ticket donations. No tickets will be donated from August 1 through October 15 as we have not established ticket prices and are not generating codes to assign to the tickets.

  • One request per organization is considered per calendar year.

  • Requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to your event.

  • Organizations are responsible to their patrons for any tax implications and all gift reporting.

  • Our staff will review your request and if your request is granted we will send a passcode for tickets. If denied, you will be notified by email.

Ticket Donation Request Form

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