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The Expanding Stage

Inclusive. Empowering. Extraordinary.

Through innovative partnerships, teaching artists of the Black Hills Playhouse are transforming lives through theatre programs inclusive of people of all ages and abilities.

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Friday, October 28, 2022 - 1:00pm
DakotAbilities: Longfellow Center
1116 S 4th Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Free to the Public

In this hysterical “War of the Worlds” radio parody, aliens have invaded Earth, and boy, are they rude!

A regularly scheduled radio program is interrupted by news of explosions on Mars, followed by reports of objects falling to Earth in a rural California county.  Local fears of aliens are confirmed when the strange objects turn out to be spaceships!  A Martian leader arises from the wreckage and is as clear as the stars in the sky about its plans for mass annihilation!  But the courageous and determined townsfolk won’t be obliterated that easily.  “We are fighting back,” says reporter Wally Hays, “and it’s awesome!” 


Since 2013, the Playhouse has partnered with the LifeScape Center for the Arts to develop programs which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities, and also inclusive of those without disabilities.


During rehearsals, teaching artists encourage creative thinking, teach participants to work in groups and help them improve communication skills. Cast members are guided through invigorating sessions which teach theatre arts in an interactive environment. 


We have witnessed life-changing moments on and off the stage and how these creative processes, performances, and connections affect the lives of the cast and crew long after the curtain has closed.  ​

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Two times a week, teaching artists from the Black Hills Playhouse head to Dakotabilities and work with adults with disabilities. These sessions are packed full of laughter, movement, and joy. 


Participants' choices are integral in this groundbreaking theatre education program which provides opportunities for people to become more confident in their communication and performance skills.


Three times a year, family, friends, and community members gather to celebrate the work of each class as they perform.

A note from Joe Dvorak, Director of Day Services

Camp Bravo

The LifeScape Center for the Arts and Black Hills Playhouse produced Camp Bravo: All-Ability Performing Arts, at Joy Ranch, near Watertown, SD, June 16-21, 2019.


Camp Bravo was designed for children and young adults of all abilities, ages 9-21. Campers spent the week exploring performing skills in a traditional outdoor camp setting while making memories to last a lifetime! Also included: horseback riding, wagon rides, archery, pontoon rides, fishing, campfires, and games - all in a completely accessible environment for campers!

Theatre classes include movement, music, and theatre – all of which were adapted to meet the needs of each participant. The week culminates with a camp performance for family and friends.