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Through innovative partnerships, teaching artists of the Black Hills Playhouse are transforming lives through theatre programs inclusive of people with disabilities

Our Story


We began rehearsing Cinder... Really!? The True Story of Cinderella in January 2020 and planned to perform the musical at the Longfellow Center in Sioux Falls, SD on March 20, 2020. Well, we all know what happened next...

Once it became apparent that the pandemic was going to end later, rather than sooner, we got to work on a plan that would allow us all to sate our creative hunger. After all, the show must go on!

With the help of many terrific people and brilliant minds, we spent 9 weeks rehearsing and filming over Zoom with the same cast of amazing actors. Through the magic of technology, we're hosting a watch party for the cast, crew, family, and friends of everyone involved at the Prince's Grand Ball on December 4, 2020. Costumes encouraged!

This has been such a special experience for everyone involved. Not only do the actors' family members around the world get to see their loved ones perform, but the actors themselves get to watch their own brilliance on camera! Though nothing can compare to the thrill of live theatre, this has been a fun adventure that may forever change the way we do theatre.

Show Synopsis


​Don't believe every fairytale you hear. There are two sides to every story, and sometimes the sweet, selfless princess isn't so innocent. 

In this story, you hear the real series of events from the friends and family of Cinderella. Is she really princess material? You'll just have to decide for yourself!


  • Cinderella - Nicole Stevenson

  • Step-mother - Kelsey Hanisch

  • Antonio (Step-brother) - Eric Christensen

  • Darrius (Step-brother) - Trevor Matousek

  • The Prince - Brandon Clark  

  • The Queen - Heidi Esmay

  • The King

  • Cinderella's Father - Marty Brendt

  • Orville the Guinea Pig - Charlie Wounded Shield

  • Olivia the Guinea Pig - Heather Bouchie

  • Royal Attendants - Nora Riel, and Marlys Bakker

  • Narrator/Reporter - Katryna B. Preston

  • The Fairy Godfather -



    Cinder...Really? The True Story of Cinderella is an absolutely hilarious re-telling of the classic fairy tale that we all know and love. 

  • Elf.jpg

    Join us for the story of Buddy, a young orphan that mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag and is transported to the North Pole.

  • Bewitching Halloween_Poster.jpg

    This event is a must-see double-feature that includes an original play and a modern take on a Shakespeare classic 

Two times a week, teaching artists from the Black Hills Playhouse head to Dakotabilities and work with adults with disabilities. These sessions are packed full of laughter, movement, and joy. 


Participants' choices are integral in this groundbreaking theatre education program which provides opportunities for people to become more confident in their communication and performance skills.


Three times a year, family, friends, and community members gather to celebrate the work of each class as they perform.

A note from Joe Dvorak, Director of Day Services

Since 2013, the Playhouse has partnered with the LifeScape Center for the Arts to develop programs which are accessible to children and adults with disabilities, and also inclusive of those without disabilities.


During rehearsals, teaching artists encourage creative thinking, teach participants to work in groups and help them improve communication skills. Cast members are guided through invigorating sessions which teach theatre arts in an interactive environment. 


We have witnessed life-changing moments on and off the stage and how these creative processes, performances, and connections affect the lives of the cast and crew long after the curtain has closed.  ​


Camp Bravo

The LifeScape Center for the Arts and Black Hills Playhouse are partnering to produce Camp Bravo: All-Ability Performing Arts, at Joy Ranch, near Watertown, SD, June 16-21, 2019.


Camp Bravo is designed for children and young adults of all abilities, ages 9-21. Campers spend the week exploring performing skills in a traditional outdoor camp setting while making memories to last a lifetime! Also included: horseback riding, wagon rides, archery, pontoon rides, fishing, campfires, and games - all in a completely accessible environment for campers!

Theatre classes include movement, music, and theatre – all of which can be adapted to meet the needs of each participant. The week culminates with a camp performance for family and friends.


Maximum number of campers is 40. Family accommodations or camping are available upon request – for more information contact Jamie Richardson at (605) 444-9631 by email:


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Our specialty programming that allows for people of all abilities to experience and enjoy theatre depends on the support of generous patrons. All donations are greatly appreciated


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