Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Playhouse Accessible?

Please check this link for information on accessibility at our campus.

What are your Exchange Policies?

It is very rare that a performance is cancelled at the Black Hills Playhouse. All ticket holders for a canceled performance are eligible for exchanges to another performance or a refund if it isn't possible to attend an alternate performance.

How may I best prepare?

​The Black Hills Playhouse is a unique and wonderful environment in the middle of Custer State Park. We want all of our visitors to have the best possible visit, so we’ve compiled this list of tips. As always, feel free to contact our friendly customer service staff if you have any further questions.

Being prepared will help you stay comfortable.

There is no dress code at the BHP, but most people dress casually.  We are located in a forest at a high elevation. The elevation is nearly a mile high, so days are often hot, but the temperature drops dramatically the minute the sun goes down. We recommend a jacket or sweater to layer over lighter clothing, perhaps keeping a raincoat, rain pancho, or umbrella handy. Shirts and jackets are sold in our snack bar.

Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must to navigate this uneven terrain. Short bursts of rain sometimes happen in the afternoons and evenings, so it’s not a bad idea to have a pair of boots and a raincoat or umbrella stashed in your vehicle. We also recommend bug spray for those sensitive to insect bites.



Parking is located in grassy areas with uneven ground. We will have parking attendants to help you find your way to a safe parking spot. We have room to accommodate campers and busses. Handicapped parking and drop off areas closer to the theatre is available. Just make sure to let the parking attendants know if you have any special needs. We’ll do our best to help you find the spot that’s right for you.

Snack Bar & Gift Shop

We have a snack bar and gift shop that features snacks, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, candy, ice cream, cookies, coffee, bottled beverages, and water.  



The BHP is located in the middle of Custer State Park - there are no fences to keep animals in or out. Common wildlife sightings range from mice and chipmunks to bats and birds to buffalo, deer, elk, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep. Many animals look docile, but they all have one thing in common…they are wild and can be very dangerous. We encourage you to take pictures, but please do so from a safe distance.  Every once in a while, a bird or bat gets in the theatre. Don’t worry, the show will go on!

Is there a fee to enter the Park?  Yes!

All visitors to Custer State Park are required to have an entrance license. Park Rangers frequently come to the BHP to check for stickers on vehicles and issue tickets to anyone without one. You may purchase on site before your performance in the Snack Bar, at one of the main entrances to the Park or online here. *There is no day pass option in Custer State Park, only a temporary 7-day or annual passes are offered.*


More questions about your visit to BHP? Call our friendly Box Office staff at 605.255.4141, or by emailing us @