For Individuals



For Individuals

Your Support Matters

When you support the Black Hills Playhouse, you are joining thousands of people who help sustain and grow what we all love about this South Dakota theater.

We innovate with outstanding artists and performers to create beautiful programs. From theatre productions to innovative educational opportunities, investing in the artists of today and tomorrow, and making art accessible to all.

Your generous donations could mean:


  • a young person will feel the excitement of waiting in the wings for the first time

  • a family will experience a theatre performance together for reduced costs or free

  • a child or adult with a disability will feel the joy of participating in the arts

  • young artists will learn performing arts through training, mentoring, collaboration, education and employment opportunities 


Experiences like these change lives, forever and for the better. We receive donations of all sizes from people like you every year. Every single gift helps inspire more people to discover and love the arts. Each and every gift makes a big difference and we thank you for your support.


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Ways to give

The Black Hills Playhouse fulfills its mission with the support of thousands of generous donors. Donors who itemize their tax returns receive a federal and state income tax deduction for their charitable donations. For your convenience, the Playhouse offers several ways to make a gift.  





You may have regular amounts automatically withdrawn from your bank account by downloading, printing, signing and sending us

a form located here.


BE A SPONSOR OR ADVERTISERSee opportunities here.



Simply select the Black Hills Playhouse as a grantee of your Donor Advised Fund. The BHP Tax I.D. is 46-0215866.



Make a gift through your IRA and take advantage of tax savings. Learn more here



Donate online through our secure website.  You can donate an amount, or set up recurring donations through this system.



Send a check payable to:


Black Hills Playhouse

P.O. Box 2513

Rapid City, SD  57709




Does your employer have a matching gift program? Double your gift to the BHP by enclosing your employer's matching gift form with your donation.



You may give periodically over a multi-year period to support the program of your choice by downloading the Pledge Form. This form requires the donor's signature and must be submitted to the Playhouse in hard copy.  See Pledge Form here.



Realize a charitable deduction while avoiding capital gains tax by donating stock. We work with local foundations for donors who wish to gift the Playhouse with stock. Call us at 605 255-4910 for broker details.


Appreciated stocks are deductible at an average of the high and low market values on the date ownership of the stocks is transferred to the foundation of your choice. Stocks may be transferred by a certificate of endorsement or direct transfer to the local foundation brokerage account.


The IRS limits the amount that may be deducted to 30% of the donors' income. Deduction amounts greater than 30% can be carried forward for an additional five years. Please call the Playhouse at 605 255-4910 for further help and information.



Real estate is a valuable gift that can go a long way in furthering the legacy of the Black Hills Playhouse.  Gifts may include:

  • Private residences, farms, rental properties, vacation homes, etc.

  • Gifts are subject to environmental and marketing review before acceptance.

  • Donors may give personal residence(s) and retain a lifetime right to live in the home.

  • Subject to 30% limit for federal income tax purposes, with a five-year carryover of excess amounts.



BHP's development staff is available if you have questions about our programs, donor recognition, or if you would like to discuss your gift. Feel free to contact:


Linda Anderson

605 255-4910,


Darla Drew Lerdal

605 255-4910,



The Black Hills Playhouse is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3).  Our FEIN is 46-0215866.