Is the Black Hills Playhouse handicapped accessible?

Yes!  Please let us help you with any special needs or accommodations you might need.  Our historic site has some challenges but with advance planning and notice, we will do our best to make our guests with special needs feel welcome and comfortable during their visit.


Do you or another guest have special needs?

​Please contact the BHP Box Office at 605 255-4141 to discuss your needs.  We can help you understand what you might expect and we can help accommodate your needs.


Handicapped parking

Please let our car parks know that you have a person with special needs when you arrive.  They will direct you to our most accessible parking near the theater. 


Bathrooms are located outside of the main theater. If you are facing the theater, the men's bathroom is on the left side of the building and the women's is located on the right side at the end of each sidewalk. Please don't hesitate to ask staff for assistance, or for help getting to and from the restrooms if needed.

Wheelchair, walker, and scooter accessibility

The Playhouse has wheelchair accessible and handicapped accessible seats. We do our best to seat companions close to the person with special needs if at all possible. Our intimate theater may not be able to easily accommodate a scooter.  If we can't make it work, we will have staff ready to help transfer the person with special needs to a wheelchair or a handicapped accessible seat.  Equipment will be stored in the back of the theater to keep the aisles clear and staff will help to get it back to owners after the house lights come up. Companions of people with special needs and drivers may ask for complimentary tickets through our box office. 

Snack bar

The snack bar is located up the hill from the theater.  There is a handicapped-accessible entrance with a ramp. Please don't hesitate to ask staff if you need help securing concessions. 

About the Weather

In 2021 we are performing in an outdoor theatre called the New Frontier Theatre.


The weather may have impact on your visit. Visitors have to go outside to get to the restrooms and the Snack Bar. The New Frontier has a shade covering but it is not designed to protect patrons from rain.


Summer at the BHP is fickle. The elevation is nearly a mile high, so days are often hot, but the temperature drops dramatically the minute the sun goes down. Rain is common in the afternoons and evenings, especially in June. Be prepared for quick weather changes.


What to Wear

There is no dress code at the BHP, but most people dress casually.  We are located in a forest at a high elevation. Days are warm, but evenings are usually quite cool. We recommend a jacket or sweater to layer over lighter clothing. Parking is located in grassy and uneven areas. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must to navigate this uneven terrain. Rain is common in the afternoons and evenings, so it’s not a bad idea to have a pair of boots and a raincoat or umbrella stashed in your vehicle. There is no way to use the restrooms or get to the Snack Bar without going outside. We also recommend bug spray for those sensitive to insect bites.



The BHP is located in the middle of Custer State Park - there are no fences to keep animals in or out. Common wildlife sightings range from mice and chipmunks to bats and birds to buffalo, deer, elk, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep. Many animals look docile, but they all have one thing in common…they are wild and can be very dangerous. We encourage you to take pictures, but please do so from a safe distance.  Every once in a while, a bird or bat gets in the theatre. Don’t worry, the show will go on!



More questions about your visit to BHP? Call our friendly Box Office staff at 605.255.4141 or reach us through our Contact page