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Ticket Policies

Custer State Park Passes

Custer State Park Passes are required for entry into the Park. $36 annual, $20 temporary pass. They maybe purchased at entrances to the Park or in the Snack Bar at the BHP.


Tickets may be exchanged by calling the Box Office no later than 4:00 p.m. the day before the performance is scheduled. It is not feasible to exchange tickets on the day of a performance as it makes it difficult to resell the tickets. Exchanges are available for tickets of equal or greater value and are good for the current season only.


Lap Seat Policy

All patrons, regardless of age, are required to have a ticket. Lap passes are available for children birth to 3 years old. Lap passes are $5 and may be purchased at the box office on the day of the show. 


We do not recommend our performances for children less than 4 years old. Younger children are often not able to be attentive and quiet during performances. Children who get fussy during a performance must be removed from the theater in deference to other patrons. The Black Hills Playhouse does not have a cry room space, so we recommend choosing seats carefully in case parents need to exit the theater.


All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds unless we have to cancel a show out of extraordinary circumstances. However, we are happy to exchange your tickets for a different performance.  If customers do not show up for a performance we reserve the right to resell seats.  


Refund Policy In Case of Cancellation

Very rarely, a show may be canceled after an audience has arrived for reasons such as a power outage or fire evacuation. We will do our best to get you scheduled for another performance or make refunds as necessary.


  • BUFFALO, HOLIDAY, or any other PASS holders - Tickets may be returned to your pass at your request so you can call or go online at your convenience to make a reservation for a different performance.

  • CREDIT CARD - If you are not able to make another performance, please call us if you would like a refund to your card.

  • CASH or CHECK - If you are not able to make another performance, please call us if you need a refund for the canceled performance.

  • REFUNDS will not be made on site after a performance has been canceled.


Service Charges

There is a non-refundable $8.00 convenience fee for all pass orders in the virtual ticketing system. 

There is a $3.00 per ticket convenience fee each ticket in an individual ticket order. 

Tickets That Won't Be Used Last Minute

If a patron arrives with tickets that won't be used the day of the performance, we ask that they be turned into the box office.  We reserve the right to resell the tickets.  However, if the patron would like to donate them to another person, we will do our best to donate them out in an orderly fashion.  Often we have people on a waitlist who may have priority of receiving seats if a performance is sold out.

Waitlists for Sold Out Shows

  1. You may leave your name on a waitlist if it is sold out.

  2. People must be at the box office by ½ an hour to curtain and check-in

  3. We cannot guarantee a seat.

  4. We will seat approximately 5 minutes to curtain in order of the people who have signed up in advance first and then walk-ups.

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