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We are dedicated to the idea that drama is an integral part of the human experience

Dakota Players creates incredible musicals and performing arts workshops for participants K - 12 and beyond traveling with costumes, lights, set & sound. Over a week, participants learn the show and perform for friends and family. Bring Dakota Players to your town to spark creativity, promote healthy expression, and ignite imaginations!


In-Person Residency Options

Performance Residency

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During week-long performance residencies, professional Actor/Directors involve 20 - 55 kids (grades K-12) in a musical production complete with costumes, lights, set, and sound that is performed by the participants at the end of the week. Parts are designed for every age, skill and experience level.

Workshop Residency

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Custom-tailored, artist led workshop residencies are also available. This type of residency is ideal for assisted living facilities or in-class workshops letting participants explore the Arts promoting positive themes that emphasize the importance of individuality, community, and cooperation.

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Intergenerational Residencies?

In Classroom Video Series

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The Oceti Sakowin & Dakota Players Theatre Experience explores culture and storytelling in video-guided workshops.   This is a self-paced, non-residency program which includes lesson outlines and hands-on activities that explore Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and arts education. Each student receives a kit with materials that correlate to activities, worksheets, and reflection prompts.

Zoom-Away Camp is an entirely online theatre experience with artist touchpoint meetings over video calls.  Zoom-Away Camp is full of dynamic, fun, and challenging activities to help kids learn in new ways. Multiple grades and age groups may participate in sessions that encourage creative thinking, teamwork, and promote communication skills.  Each student receives a kit with materials that correlate to activities, worksheets, and reflection prompts.

The flexible scheduling and customizable options make it a perfect fit for any community!

"What an awesome experience for my 1st grader! She had an absolute blast and couldn't stop talking about it!

Great job to everyone involved!" ~Hoven, SD

I'm merely trying to analyze the complexity of your entire process! WOW! 5 days, 50-ish kids, scripts, songs, form and function, poem and prose, meter and rhyme. You whisked in and whipped up a small theatre company in a professional, kind, and especially FUN manner and atmosphere. My two children had an amazing experience and 

have fallen in LOVE with the stage" ~Janice, Rapid City


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