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The Superhero Show

Creative Team

Original Script: Megan Weidner & Kevin Earlywine

Music: Kevin Earlywine

Music Sequencing: Christian Erickson

Costume Design: Cindy Bakke

Set Design: Osvaldo Ricardez

Graphic Design – Kari Powell & Deb Workman

Polly Partridge and the Eyewitness News Crew present live coverage of the exciting events unfolding on Superhero Day in Sunnyville. This special day is dedicated to celebrating The Superhero Alliance, Sunnyville's beloved group of heroes. The entire town is buzzing with excitement for the festivities, with the exception of Dr. Catastrophe and his henchmen, the Chemical Scavengers, who are bent on sabotaging the day by transforming the townsfolk into super-villains.


In the midst of this chaos, Polly's nephew Paul makes a remarkable discovery – he possesses superpowers. The question remains: will Paul choose to use his abilities for good or succumb to evil temptations? Join Paul and the rest of the characters on a journey where they realize that staying true to oneself is the key to genuine happiness.

Show length: approximately 40 minutes 

Residency Information


Add your event information to the publicity poster; make copies; distribute in various places such as schools, grocery stores, libraries, etc.  Some presenters have students color the black and white posters before distributing them to help build the excitement!




Participation Certificates

If you want to show the kids your appreciation for participating in the event, this Certificate is perfect! Personalize with participants names and print them out or use the PDF file and write the names in.  Many presenters give them out at the time of performance, pep rallies or award ceremonies.





For use in newspapers or other printed materials

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Creative Team
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