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So much good news.

On Our Side Siding & Insulation Project Almost Finished

We can't wait to get back into our newly sided and insulated theater this summer! The siding and insulation project is almost complete and the facility looks stunning thanks to the work of All American Siding & Windows, BHP Campus Associate Director Randy Niles, and the Physical Plant Committee headed up by Rick Giesel. We are so grateful to all who donated to this important project.


Legislative News

In 2009, the SD Legislature passed a bill requiring the State to issue a lease to the Black Hills Playhouse and required the Black Hills Playhouse to annually invest 5% of its operating budget into repair and maintenance of the campus. The legislation was well-intended, but by 2022 many parts of it were obsolete.


The Legislative Task Force of the BHP (Corey Brown, Tom Geu, David Barrari, Todd Brink, Shawn Lyons, Jim Hood, Rick Giesel, Ron Jeffries, and Linda Anderson) worked in tandem with the SD Department of Game, Fish & Parks on a bill to repeal the legislation. SD G, F & P recognizes all of the hard work and dollars that have gone into making significant improvements on the campus over the past decade, as well as the essential changes in management of the physical plant that have resulted in continuous improvements, well above the 5% mandate.  Repeal of the legislation allows for more flexibility between SD G, F & P, and the Playhouse as we continue to work together to improve the site in Custer State Park.

Thanks to the BHP Alumni Association, SD Department of G, F, & P, Custer State Park, SD National Guard, SD Job Corp, Central States Fair, Black Hills Energy, All American Siding & Windows, USA Roofing, Gene Fennell, the Physical Plant Committee of the BHP, and many other donors and funders, we have been able to accomplish so much together.


Here are some of the projects that have been completed over the past decade thanks to our donors and partners!

Removal of unsafe buildings

Clean up to remove old equipment and appliances on campus

ADA accessibility upgrades to theater

Code upgrades to theater

New stage curtains

Water efficiency upgrades

Dorm improvements including new flooring

New fly system and rigging

New dining hall

Installation of exhaust fans

Plumbing improvements and water efficient appliances

Purchase and installation of walk-in coolers

Rebuild of walkway between upper & lower camp

New costume shop

Siding on scene shop

Construction of office in snack bar

New sound system

Dining hall porch construction

Flower gardens and landscaping

Total upgrade of electrical system in theater

Outdoor performing space for season 2021

Siding & Insulation of theater

Re-roofing of every structure on campus in 2021

Costume shop floor rebuild (in progress)

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