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Extra!  Extra!  Read All About It!  An emergency meeting of the D.A.K.O.T.A. council (Distinguished Allied Kritters of the Area) has been called by Lenny the Buffalo to solve this mysterious mystery. The adventures begin as Tȟakóža, RN Pheasant, Patty Pasque, Sven Spruce and a host of other colorful characters go on eye-opening quests across South Dakota. 


Along the way, the characters learn to see the state from many different perspectives.  From meeting the Royal Farm Family, traveling through time with the Badlands and Wildflowers, poppin’ with prairie dogs (Yo Dogs Yo!) and being interviewed on the Black Hills Television Show, the antics never end.     


As the mystery unfolds, the D.A.K.O.T.A. council gathers together once again where they admit there is a lot they didn’t know about South Dakota.  Their travels are the spark of curiosity they need to see the miraculous power of being connected to all.  

Show length: approximately 40 minutes 

And because sometimes, life throws you crazy curveballs (like a worldwide pandemic?). We want to help kids find and use their creative problem-solving skills using theatre-based challenges.
There's never just one way to do things. Our virtual opportunities encourage kids to explore their ideas and establish creative thought processes to tackle any problems they may face.
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Zoom-Away Camp Creative Team

Movement Artist  – Deb Workman

Acting/Movement - Dan Workman

Technical Artist - Katryna B. Preston

Cinematographer - Dempsey Tapley

Boom Operator - A.J. Lowery

Asst. - Preston Workman

Cast - Tate Erickson, Emma Martin, Kady Nankivel, Satchel Workman