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Bookings & Schedule

Booking with us is extremely simple. Email and we will follow up with how to complete the booking.

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Zoom-Away Camp Creative Team

Movement Artist  – Deb Workman

Acting/Movement - Dan Workman

Technical Artist - Katryna B. Preston

Cinematographer - Dempsey Tapley

Boom Operator - A.J. Lowery

Asst. - Preston Workman

Cast - Tate Erickson, Emma Martin, Kady Nankivel, Satchel Workman

Sometimes, life throws you crazy curveballs (like a worldwide pandemic?). This camp teaches kids to use their creative problem-solving skills to address fun and wacky theatre-based challenges. Our hope is that our virtual campers learn how to turn life's crazy curveballs into lemonade... whatever that means.
There's never just one way to do things. This virtual program encourages kids to explore their ideas and establish creative thought processes to tackle any problems they may face.
Plus, who doesn't love summer camp?


Touring Fall '21 - Summer '22

An emergency meeting of the D.A.K.O.T.A. council (Distinguished Allied Kritters of the Area) has been called by Lenny the Buffalo to solve this mysterious mystery. Let the adventures begin as Lenny the Buffalo, R.N. Pheasant, Wallace Walleye, Yote Coyote and many other colorful characters go on a quest to the Rich Farmlands of South Dakota, the Badlands, the Grasslands and the Black Hills to uncover those famous faces. Finding along the way, with help from the Wise Old Water, the true identity of South Dakota’s great faces and great places.
Show length: approximately 40 minutes 

Creative Team

Script/Lyrics:  Dan Workman & Eric Johnson

Original music:  Eric Johnson

Music Sequencing:  Christian Erickson

Music Re-Mastering:  Scott & Sheryl Simpson

Original Costume Design:  Dave Horan

Costume Re-imagining:  Katryna B. Preston

Set Design:  Dave Horan

Graphic Design:  Kari Powell