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Macbeth @ Dakotabilities 10.31.18

Specialty Programs

Learning and performing  opportunities for people of all abilities and alternative learning styles

DakotAbilities feels privileged to be able to work with the Black Hills Playhouse to support people with disabilities to participate in the theater.  


Deb, Black Hills Playhouse artists, and DakotAbilities support staff are able to unlock this incredible experience of being on stage in front of their family and friends. 


There is literally a glow that comes off of the group of actors after a play.  Their smiles and those of the friends and family light up the room. 


We are so pleased and proud to be associated with such an outstanding organization.  We hope this relationship continues to open up the lives of those with disabilities supported at DakotAbilities long into the future.


Joseph M. Dvorak

Director of Day Services


Je Dvorak Director of Day Services Use w
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