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Dakota Players Tours: An Unforgettable Human Experience

Updated: Feb 29

At the Black Hills Playhouse, we are dedicated to our conviction that drama is an integral part of the human experience. We make theatre accessible to communities who may not otherwise have the opportunity through our outreach program, Dakota Players Tours. Dakota Players brings theatre to communities across South Dakota, creating memorable experiences that have a ripple effect of positivity from those participating in the productions to the people in the audience. 

This season, Dakota Players is traveling from town to town with a fantastic production, “On the Road to Bremen Town.” This witty musical follows a Donkey on a journey to live life to the fullest. This season we have traveled from Rapid City to Big Stone City, Leola to Rosebud, and beyond. We would love to come to a community near you! So what does a Dakota Players performance residency look like?

When a Dakota Players Director visits a community for a performance residency, they bring a production to life over the course of one exciting week and then hold a full performance, including lights, props, and costumes. 

Auditions are a fun and easy way to get the ball rolling! During the audition process, the residency director will facilitate auditions where actors are cast, as well as identify extra stage help. This initial process brings together a group of people who are excited to try something new! Auditions for Dakota Players performances do not require any prior experience or preparation. All our participants need to do is show up and be ready to have fun!

Rehearsals begin once the ensemble has been cast. This is a very important part of Dakota Player residencies. Like anything, it takes time to learn new things, and putting on a great show takes cooperation from everyone involved. It might feel intimidating to put a show on in just one week, but participants have nothing to fear. Directors are on stage at all times with cast members, from the rehearsals to the performances. Rehearsals are held daily and it is vital that everyone is present for their rehearsal times. Putting on a Dakota Players production means working hard and having FUN.

Setting the stage is all a part of the Dakota Players residency experience, and directors travel with everything necessary to put on a fantastic show. That includes stage lights, props, and maybe most fun of all, costumes! Our costumes are designed for all body types and are a bright and memorable part of stepping into character. Setting the scene is important for actors and audience members alike to feel immersed in the show, and we are ready to do just that. 

Show days are the best days ever! When these participants step on that stage, they become true actors. Do actors need to be perfect? No! Do they get nervous? Sometimes. That is all a part of the special process of what it means to try something new, and that is what lies at the heart of this program. 

Performance days are not only a memorable day for performers but for the whole community. Art brings people together in a way nothing else can, and we love getting to offer this to places that may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience a theatrical production.

You can view the current tour schedule on our website, and if a Dakota Players residency sounds like a great fit for your community, reach out to us about hosting your own by calling us at (605) 255-4910 x 2. We hope to bring “On the Road to Bremen Town” or one of our other amazing theatre opportunities to your community soon.


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