BHP JR. Camp
Registration is closed for 2022. Check back this winter for information about Summer 2023!
5th - 7th Grades: July 17-23, 2022
8th - 12th Grades: July 24-30, 2022

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Cinderella works hard in the home of her cruel step-family. Her silly stepsisters, Brunhilda and Cleopatra, think themselves beautiful and each sister dreams that the prince will choose them for marriage. Instead, the handsome prince spends most of the evening at the palace ball trying to escape them! The story is classic, and now features new characters like a brave mouse, a hesitant cat, and the amazing Pumpkinhead, who all help Cinderella change her life! Fairy Godmother has her hands full tutoring an apprentice but still makes time for the patient, kind, and worthy Cinderella. With a little magic, Cinderella might just have her wish come true!


Our BHP Jr. Performing Arts Camps are held at Placerville Camp and Retreat Center.  This incredible facility is nestled on 12 acres of the Black Hills overlooking Rapid Creek with hiking trails and camp activities like scooters games, finger rockets, a climbing wall and more to spice up the summer days.


It has been providing a place of retreat for more than 100 years.  

(photos courtesy of Placerville Camp and Retreat Center)


Placerville has 8 modern cabins that have 2 divided sides with bunk beds and hold up to 8 people per side. These cabins have electricity, heat and ceiling fans.


Mayflower Hall contains the dining hall, kitchen, a large 1500 square foot deck, the Fireside Room, Rec Room and bathroom facilities.  


Directions to Camp

From Interstate 90, take Exit 57. Continue traveling 2 miles, turn right at first stop light onto Omaha Street (Hwy 44 West). Travel to the second stop light, turn left on Mountain View Road (Hwy 44 West). Go straight to the third stop light and go right onto Jackson Blvd. (Hwy 44 West). Follow this road all the way out of Rapid City.

Ten miles out of town you will come to a small development called Johnson Siding. Go another 2 miles to the road to Placerville. You will pass a highway sign announcing the turn coming up. Turn onto the gravel road and travel the 2 miles into camp.

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