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  • Our thanks to Dakota Players for providing our students at Oldham-Ramona to learn and play and have an absolutely wonderful time with Megan and Kevin this week!  The kids that came out of their shells and surprised us all how they did with their talent!  Megan and Kevin deserve a big round of applause for what they can do with a group of students they just met on Monday morning until tonight!
    Kids and parents alike thought that the experience was so valuable! 

    • D. DeRungs


  • Thank you Dakota Players for sending Kevin & Megan to Nashua-Plainfield Elem. School! They were wonderful and really put on a great show with the kids! This has been a great experience for my son, Caleb! This experience has given us so many wonderful memories!! Keep up the great work all of you! Thanks again so very much! 

    • Heather Sinnwell, Nashua, Iowa

  • We were extremely pleased with the success of the Dakota Players’ Theater.  Harrison and Carolyn gave our kids a very positive experience.  Their skill in teaching them to listen and act was tremendous. I have heard nothing but good from the community.  As the students practiced and performed they exhibited expressions of confidence and joy.  How rewarding to watch!  Please extend our gratefulness to Harrison and Carolyn for their hard work and positive reinforcement for our students.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed having them at our house also.  They were cordial, respectful, and fun!  Thank you for all your work with Dakota Players.               


  • It was AWESOME & Harrison & Carolyn totally rock!!!! With the goofy crazy week @ school itself & the other "hey we live in sd" factors it went great! The performance brought tears of pride to not only my eyes but I had a few staff members say the same!     

    • Hillary, McLaughlin, SD


  • I'm so glad to be able to give our kids this opportunity - so a BIG thank you to providing it for us!!


  • Great Job!  I have no children in the school anymore but am so happy that you continue to support the arts.  The children do such a wonderful job with only a few days to do the work.  Your leads you picked certainly fit the bill. 

    • L. Miller, a teacher of many years


  • Fantastic Job!  My Kids "GLOWED" all week long with the practices!  Thank you for coming!


  • The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show.  They like the fact that the directors had them take a break from normal practice and do other things (loved the small groups that made commercials).  Didn't hear them complain once!


  • What a show...Really fun!  Kids were good!


  • My son is in kindergarten and I thought it might be a little too much, but he has had a wonderful time.  I think this is such a great experience for our whole town.  Thank you for your kindness and patience.  I think my son will never forget it.  Thanks again


  • Our kids enjoyed the play a lot.  They sang the songs all the way home and begged for a t-shirt & CD.  You did a great job!  Thank you for taking the time to come to Wall and teaching our kids theater.


  • This week has been a lot of fun!  She came home every night full of information on not only own part but acting out others. She really enjoys getting to act and be a part of such a big production! Thank You!


  • The kids had a wonderful experience.  They enjoyed the music & dancing.  It is a great experience for them to get in front of people and talk and perform.  You do a wonderful job putting it all together in 1 week.

  • A fantastic week at Sioux Falls Lutheran! Leigh and Kevin are the best! Thank you for inspiring our students!

  • I'm merely trying to analyze the complexity of your...entire process!  WOW!  5 days, 50-ish kids, scripts, songs, form & function, poem & prose, meter & rhyme; you whisked in & whipped up a small theater company in a professional, kind and especially FUN manner & atmosphere.  My 2 children had an amazing experience & have fallen in LOVE with the stage.  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, patience & passing on so much basic theater know how.  The show itself was a joy to experience, how on earth did these kids learn a play THIS WELL in 5 days?  Superb Job!

    • Janice, Rapid City, SD


  • Dakota Players is an amazing opportunity for our kids.  Great job in a short period of time.  The weather and change of schedule did not hold you down.  

    • Lori, Hoven, SD


  • This is a great play.  It was amazing how much these guys [Matt & Rick] could do with the kids in so little time.


  • I had a really fun time being in the play X is for Zebra with Matt and Rick this week! I am sad that it is over! 

    • Love, Gracie the Cheetah


  • What an awesome experience for my 1st grader! She had an absolute blast and couldn't stop talking about it! Great job to everyone involved! Safe travels to your next location!


  • My 3rd grade Challenge Center student was in X is for Zebra tonight.....-a hoopoe bird. On the way home he said "I don't want this day to end. I had so much fun doing this". For this excitement, I thank you!!!!


  • Thanks for the wonderful visit in Brookings, my kids loved being a part of X is for Zebra, and have already watched the video 3 times!


  • On behalf of the children who participated in your production, while in Mitchell, I would like to say thank you for sharing your talents! They had so much fun! 


  • The leaders worked very well with the kids.  They made them work hard but also made it fun for them.  This is an experience that they will never forget!  ~ Dawn


  • Wonderful production of Xena the Zebra without any stripes.....Matt and Rick were professional and we would love to see them come this way son is sad it is over because he dreams of becoming an actor someday!

    • D. O'Hara


  • Every child I talked to in the play had an absolute blast!  Good work finding parts that seem to fit each child's personality so well!!  Keep up the good work!


  • Shelby enjoyed Rick and Matt so much and I know has built a lifelong love for drama.  Thank you for your kindness and patience with the kids...the show was fantastic! 

    • Michelle, Wall, SD


  • Fabulous job everyone!  We are so excited whenever our kids are given an opportunity to further explore the arts.  Hannah was so happy to be a part of this.  Love all the work and effort put in!


  • I just wanted to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed the play.  She looks forward to them every year.  I think you do a wonderful job with all of the kids.  Thank You!


  • The Children's Theatre has been a great way for the 'non-athletes" to explore their creativity. The practice schedule works well and having two performances is great. My child loves everything about the plays.


  • It was a wonderful experience!  Paige is quite shy but she really came out of her shell and thoroughly enjoyed the week.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program for our kids.  The two young men did a fantastic job!!

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